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Fractales de l'âme

Based on a poem by Anton Inova, melody for soprano and piano.

Corentin Richard

Music as a passion.
"I've always composed music. As far back as I can remember. I've been composing music for as long as I can remember, from the mawkish little songs of my high school days to jazz. I've always needed music!


I listen to the sounds and let them guide me.

Let yourself get lost with me. You risk nothing. Ignore your desires and let yourself vibrate.

My music is classical, but it's not from the past. They are alive and evolving.

The resonance of a chord, the thrill of a dissonance, the keys of the past, the tools of our time. I share in order to exist.

I share in the hope of thrilling you.

Let me invite you on a musical journey through my world.

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par Corentin

Dive into the heart of creation - Enter the universe where each note tells its own story. I invite you to discover my compositions, where sound blends with emotion to bring a unique vision to life. Explore the evocative power of music, with works where harmonies and textures intertwine to awaken your senses. Press 'play' and let yourself be carried away by this auditory experience I offer you.



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