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Hi, I'm Anton Inova.

Welcome to my page! I am Anton Inova, a poet exploring the depths of human emotion and imagination. My work often blends complex motifs and profound themes, inspired by my Franco-Polish heritage. I strive to create poetry that resonates deeply with readers, offering a unique exploration of the human experience.

I would like to warmly thank Corentin Richard for giving me this space to express myself on his website. Please feel free to explore my work and connect with me. I look forward to sharing my poetic journey with you!

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Anton Inova, born in Warsaw in 1980, is a Polish poet, known for his innovative literary creations and his close collaboration with composer Corentin Richard. From an early age, Anton developed a passion for poetry, finding inspiration in Poland's rich culture and history. His French mother also passed on to him a deep love of the French language and literature.

After graduating from Warsaw University with a degree in comparative literature, he quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talent and innovative approach to writing. Anton Inova's works are characterised by a profound exploration of human emotions, often marked by an almost mathematical complexity and precision. His poems, with their sometimes unusual structures and captivating rhythms, seem designed to explore the infinite possibilities of language.

Poetic and musical collaboration

The collaboration between Anton Inova and Corentin Richard is a unique fusion of poetry and music, combining Anton's evocative words with Corentin's musical compositions. Together they create multi-dimensional works in which Anton's poems, imbued with emotional depth and complex patterns, blend harmoniously with Corentin's captivating melodies. This artistic synergy offers a rich, immersive experience, taking listeners and readers on an unprecedented poetic and sonic journey.

Fractales de l'Âme (Fractals of the Soul)

  • A poetic exploration of the fractal patterns of human existence, combining complexity and emotion.
  • This collection takes us on an endless dance of memories and dreams, capturing the essence of the soul.
  • Each poem is a window onto inner landscapes, richly woven with metaphors and evocative images.

Échos Silencieux (Silent Echoes)

  • A plunge into memories and whispers of the past, with a rare poetic sensitivity.
  • This collection reveals fragments of life, echoes that gently resonate in the reader's mind.
  • The poems, delicately composed, explore the themes of memory and forgetting with touching depth.


Lumières Invisibles (Invisible Lights)

  • A subtle play of light and shadow, where each poem reveals hidden truths and mysteries.
  • Anton Inova's words captivate with their clarity and their ability to illuminate the invisible.
  • This collection invites us to meditate on the inner light and the nuances of existence.



Fractales de l'Âme

In the mirror of infinity,
Intertwined paths take shape,
Echoes of sleeping memories,
Revealing cracked souls.

Each fragment a story,
Perpetual reflections of worlds,
Dreams etched in memory,
Like stars in the sky.

The heart beats in fractal patterns,
Eternally repeated, never identical,
Spiralling emotions,
In a harmonic ballet.

The invisible becomes visible,
In the silence of thoughts,
The soul finds the sensitive,
In the eternity of years.

Each poem, a window
To unknown horizons,
Truths to be recognised,
In the continuous murmurings.

The fractals of the soul,
Blossom into shards of life,
An endless journey, a flame,
In the infinity of the spirit.

Translation generated by Deepl - This poem was imagined and written in French.

©Fractales de l'âme - Anton Inova - from the collection Fractales de l'âme (2013)

Fractales de l'Âme

"Fractals of the Soul is a poetic exploration of the complexity and beauty of human emotions. The poem is inspired by fractal patterns, infinitely repetitive mathematical structures, to illustrate how our experiences and feelings repeat and diversify infinitely. The genesis of this poem comes from my fascination with the way memories, dreams and emotions form complex patterns in our minds. Each line is an invitation to delve into the depths of the soul, to recognise the patterns that define us and to find harmony in the chaos of our thoughts and feelings.


‘Fractals of the Soul’ was written during a period of deep reflection and introspection. At the time, I was fascinated by the complexity of human relationships and the way in which our lives are woven together in recurring patterns, similar to fractals. As I observed nature and pondered human interactions, I began to see parallels between fractal structures and the emotional experiences we all have. This poem was born out of that contemplation, seeking to capture the beauty of the infinite patterns that take shape in our souls, and to express the depth of human emotions through poetry that is both complex and harmonious.

"This poem in particular stood out among the finalists, with an emotional and introspective story that we couldn't let go of until the last line. We can't wait to find out what Anton Inova has in store for us next!"

mark k.


"When I read this poem, I felt a deep emotion.‘Silent Echoes’ offers a rare and touching poetic experience. The characters and themes are so engaging and true. I will definitely be reading Anton Inova's future poems!"

jessica p.

"Beneath the delicate words and poetic metaphors of “Invisible Lights” lies a profound exploration of the human soul.Anton Inova aptly depicts what it truly means to seek light in the darkness."

Norman a.

"Anton Inova has written some of the most memorable poems of recent years.His works, such as ‘Green Marble’, are must-reads for any lover of contemporary poetry."

Sarah b.

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"One poet in particular stood out among the finalists, with an emotive and introspective piece of work that we couldn't let go of until the last line. We can't wait to find out what Anton Inova has in store for us next!"

Anton Inova

Born in Warsaw in 1980, Anton Inova is a French-Polish poet whose work explores the depths of human emotion and imagination. Growing up in a bicultural family, he was deeply influenced by the rich literary traditions of Poland and France. With a degree in Comparative Literature from Warsaw University, Anton draws on his dual cultural heritage to create poetry rich in complex motifs and profound themes.

Anton Inova has published several acclaimed collections of poetry, including 'Fractals of the Soul', 'Silent Echoes' and 'Invisible Lights'. Her work is celebrated for its ability to capture and move the reader, offering a unique exploration of the human experience through evocative imagery and innovative poetic structures.

Her collection 'Fractales de l'Âme' is a poetic exploration of the fractal patterns of human existence, combining complexity and emotion. In 'Échos Silencieux', Anton delves into memories and whispers of the past, revealing fragments of life that echo quietly in the reader's mind. Lumières Invisibles' subtly plays with light and shadow, revealing hidden truths and mysteries through luminous poetry.

In addition to his literary work, Anton works closely with the composer Corentin Richard. Together they create artistic projects that harmoniously blend poetry and music, offering an enriching sensory and intellectual experience. Their collaboration has resulted in unique performances and recordings that have received critical acclaim.

Anton Inova is also a popular speaker, sharing his perspectives on contemporary literary creation at poetry festivals and universities. He inspires a new generation of poets and artists to explore the infinite possibilities of poetry.

Anton would like to thank Corentin Richard for giving him the space to express himself on this website. Explore his works and immerse yourself in his poetic universe to discover the depth and beauty of his literary creations.


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